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NDET - Company Profile

North Distribution for electronic technologies (NDET) is a private company founded on May 2003 In Irbid to serve the North region and its neighbors with the highest quality products and the latest technologies in the computer world.

NDET Company with its distinct Location in Irbid struggle to provide the most competitive prices and latest in technology which lead her to become one of the most familiar computer supplying company names in Jordan.  

NDET Company draws its power from its direct relation with Oasis establishment for Electronic technologies where the later classified as its mother company who provide NDET exclusively with all Samsung IT products including Monitors (LCDs - CRTs), Printers and ODDs, The brand which is recorded as the most selling in the world. In addition to that NDET recently registered as Intel IPI licensee, as well as many other brand named computer related products, e.g. HP products, IBM and others computers consumables.

NDET Company has 4 departments, Management, Service Center, Inventory and sales in addition to the show room all in one unit floor with 250m2 space.

NDET employs motivated professional staffs who have a full experience in the Jordanian market and well knowledge in the computer hardware technologies.

NDET through its strategy puts the customer satisfaction as their first priority, providing the dealers with the best price and service in the region, NDET through Oasis est. Samsung authorized distributor in Jordan provide the Irbid dealers with all promotional activities and incentives programs which Samsung provide, this increase Samsung presence in Irbid market and enhance its image.

NDET market growth has reach approximately (232,000.00 JD)  and had achieved a market share  through last year up to 25% for all its products where it intend to increase that share in the coming years. 


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